The World of BeldunEdit

Ravaged in the early stages of the planet Beldun's life. The intelligent races of the planet are trying to pull together now, in order to survive in this world.


Quick History Edit

The Exodus is a world unlike our own. It is not understood by anyone fully, but is the cause of the darker past of Beldun. The Exodus inflicted the greater beasts that ruled over Beldun at the time, with what is now known as The Rot. These greater beasts began to form armies with the smaller creatures that inhabited Beldun. Wars were fought, until eventually these greater beasts all were killed. There is no definitive answer as to why these beasts all died, each culture has their own belief. Now the intelligent races of Beldun, thousands of years past the fall of these greater beasts, are trying to rebuild on top of this collapsed world.

About The WorldEdit

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